Our Commitments

Clean Products

DearJuliette products are made in Istanbul/Turkey in a boutique sized factory
respecting the environmental measures, human rights and our planet using 100% recycled packaging. We visit our factory frequently and monitor all the working conditions. 
Our T-Shirt fabric is 100% Organic Cotton with The Transaction Certificate (TC) for Textile Processed According to the Organic Content Standard (OCS). Our Organic Transaction Certificate Number is: 1033729/01428655. 


Sustainable Quantities

We follow a sustainable production cycle with a low quantity strategy. This allows us not only agility but also maintain the control over our production process.
We do not choose to follow the traditional calendar in the fashion industry. Instead, we prefer to have the freedom to bring more variety to our collections. 
With our boutique quantities, we also wish our customers to enjoy the feeling of exclusiveness, knowing what they are wearing will not be found in the mass-market.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We try to limit our environmental impact by choosing ground transportation. Today 100% of our items are shipped via ground which allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by 12 times less, comparing to air shipping.

Women Empowerment

Being a part of women's empowerment movement is a core part of our brand’s
For us, empowerment is people having power and control over their own lives. Our hero Juliette is a strong and a free woman, She has the power to set her own goals and make her own decisions. She can say “NO” to people. She knows about her rights and acts accordingly. She is aware that she can take care of herself and her own happiness in life.  
We are fully committed to root for women empowerment because we believe that
all women should make their own life choices under all circumstances.


Social responsability

To maximize our impact, we created the T-shirt “SUPER Women, Mother, Lover”.
For each order, 5€ will be donated to the association “La fondation des femmes”, a foundation fighting to end violence against women and to
protect their children.
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